Yes / No Cards

Here's a simple idea, the Yes / No divination card. Kinda like flipping a coin but with a calling card! These are available for free, only from me. Come visit at a reading and pick up a few!

That way you'll have a "deck," mix them up, ask your question, and draw a card.

If you only have one, I think you can bend it so it spins. Flick it, stop it when you ask your question, and voilĂ ! Your answer will appear.

Paris Lit Up! team at Paris Lit Up is on fire recently. They are touring the UK, holding down the fort by maintaining lovely weekly readings at Culture Rapide in Belleville, and they came out with this beautiful new issue of their print magazine!

TWO of my previously unreleased poems show up in this issue.

Paris Lit Up issue #6 will be available soon via their store.


I recently received an old dried up typewriter,
but I fixed it, so the machine lives again!