MOUTH OFF! Coming your way, September 28

Also in the pike is an amazingly cool, cooperatively-produced music and poetry event called MOUTH OFF, in the chapel of the OAKLAND PEACE CENTER, current home of Nomadic Press. We will be performing in coordination with the worldwide poetry festival 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change.

The evening is chock full of electric talent such as The Klezmerachi Cabaret, Gia Ortiz de Candia and Colleen McKee's musically innovative brainchild, as well as Oddly Even, the husband-wife duo of  Calvin Sturges and Ashley Macachor.

The main event, MOUTH OFF can be best attributed to John Givens of lay/lie, an improvisational ambient music duo with Sarah Iyer. For this event, we have the following readers:

Thea Matthews
Joanna Anabo
Tongo Eisen-Martin
Paul Corman Roberts
Maw Shein Win
... and of course, yours truly.

Each reader will read a piece, one at a time, and we'll just groove it like that, in a round. The format is new, unpredictable, kind of daring, and a whole lot of fun!

Join us for the PREMIERE of Baron Saturday of Coney Island


Vagabond Alexander Beaumont, director and creator of AVT
I'm shuttling off to NYC for a few days, by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAGABOND, director, poet, cineaste, and creator of Audio Visual Terrorism (AVT)! Every year, Vagabond and the AVT team have created short films about Coney Island. They are cinematic love letters in my humble opinion. Their love of the place has rubbed off on me. I can feel the deep roots of Coney Island in the heart of New Yorkers. Their film Coney Island Dreaming won first place in the 2015 Film Festival.

Our latest film is called Baron Saturday of Coney Island. I wrote and read the narration of the story. The film premieres Sunday, September 15th. AVT veteran Omar Villegas' experimental dance piece Broken Mantra, featuring choreographer and dancer Gabriela Rose, will screen Saturday. We will attend all three nights of the festival. I am looking forward to this very special series of events.

ALSO it is very possible that I will be reading in the East Village cocktail lounge LADY STARDUST on Tuesday, September 17. IN ADDITION it is quite likely that I will premiere my latest fiction piece (so far unpublished but there's a lingering situation at a Paris magazine who says they want it) LES BATS at Bullet Space, also in the LES. More on that soon.