Storytelling Live follow up

Hi all! I have been telling stories live on FB for five weeks now. Tonight marks the fifth week. People are enjoying it. People write to me, thanking me. It's something they -and I- look forward to every week. I have great stories lined up for you. I might look for a home for these on vimeo or youtube at some point in the future. I have not been listing them on my current events page and for that I am sorry. I will begin that soon so you'll know. Basically, you can't go wrong. Tune in to my FB page on Saturday night 7:30PM Pacific Time and you can sit in on a really great short story. They usually last 45 minutes. If you're not into sitting at the computer for that amount of time, then I completely understand. Just turn the volume up and walk away. Or, tuck yourself into bed while you listen. :) I will read to you and if you happen to fall asleep, the video will be available for three days after.