Script is done. Still in Jail. Losing count of the days.

I will see you on FB soon enough. I think. I have lost count of the days left to me in jail. The new script for our full length film is now officially finished. It will be called "Spirits of Coney Island." We shot some scenes but are getting closed out by the weather. We expect production to begin again in the spring. Meanwhile, dark moons abound, we passed the full moon eclipse in Gemini without shooting our mouths off too badly. Looking forward to the dark moon eclipse on Dec 14. Should be lots o fun! Buckle your seatbelts for a firecracker end to a tumultuous and disease-ridden year (on oh so many levels)! Meanwhile check out the behind the scenes shots on Instagram and Facebook! Here's our director at one of the locations, shot by @lostsaintbkny.