Jersey Devil Press Publishes New Short Story "Hassan Believed"

Wonderful news.

One of my newest short stories, "Hassan Believed" was just published by Jersey Devil Press. Read it here.

Hassan believed in tradition. Hassan believed in routine. Hassan believed in the power of repetition. Hassan believed that if he should raise and lower his teacup a number of times every day, at the same time of day, in the same place on his kitchen table, that if he should leave the cup one day by itself... it would raise and lower on its own, by force of nature habituating itself to repeating stimulus. Is this the very nature of OCD? What if the town was in on it too? Would that count as mass hysteria? Hypnosis? Mehdi his neighbor confirmed that the teacup did actually move on its own. Other people witnessed the same phenomenon. Is this natural, a perversion of magic, or insanity?