Events in May & June

This has been a whirlwind year. We are only halfway through. I have plans to visit Mexico again. I am fortunate. I finished a novel that I will not name here. It is beautiful and sad like Up, like Zorba. It is about the sweetness of life. If you know, you know.

Just ran into this on the wide and woolly web. Yours truly at Manny's SF back in January! Thank you, Kevin Dublin. Had a marvelous time. The curating is incomparable. If you can catch this series in SF Mission District, you are in for a treat. Really great programming, excellent venue.


FIRST UP, Our Beast Crawl Literary Festival fundraiser Crawlstars is a register-for-zoom room event with an amazing lineup. Thursday, May 5.

Then, the full fledged minor scale crawl Beast Crawl Literary Festival is rollin up fast. Saturday, May 28. Memorial day weekend. There will be another event in the same area of Downtown Oakland called Oaklash. It's gonna be an amazing time.

After that, on Saturday night 5-9PM on June 11th, catch our ONE NIGHT show in Jamaica Queens, NY at the Hall of Fame Studios! A little thing we like to call "The Poet and the Violin." It's basically a power packed evening of spoken word and live music that will blow your mind. Do not miss it! Oh, and I'm the MC so you know it's got to be good.

HEY, here's a preview:

ANNNDDDD check this out, we are planning to show all the SPIRITS films back to back in the Lower East Side NY, NY on Wednesday, June 15 but it's not confirmed yet. For now, check this preview: