2022, The Year So Far

Happy New Year. January has barely begun and we're scheduled out to September already.

There are a few things coming up: 

    1. Reading on Jan 28 with the Living Room Reading Series at Manny's Bar on 16th and Valencia in SF.

    2. I MIGHT be at the Culver City Book Festival to read with Vagabond Press. Currently hashing the deets. That would be February 26.

    3. There will be a reading with the Clarion Alley Mural Project on March 18 at the San Francisco Public Library.

    4. Finally, BEAST CRAWL plans their 2022 return offering a live festival at an outdoor venue in Oakland on April 23 & 24.

More details on each of those listings to come in the next few weeks. Many things coming up. We might hold another BC festival in September. Seems like a very good idea, but we are headed for April in order to celebrate National Poetry Month.