Nomadic Closes.

 I'm terribly saddened by the news of the closing of Nomadic Press. I've been holding off on this post because the news is being carried everywhere.

But seriously, THANK YOU, NOMADIC PRESS. They were the first to see value in my writings and encouraged me to write as wildly as I cared to and we proudly brought my collection Fiercer Monsters to life with a roaring fire in a large garden and wonderful readers and incredible music at the launch in 2017. We sold 55 copies that night. There were about 75 in attendance. Fabulous poets read. There were fairy lights everywhere. The house on the property was wonderfully haunted.

Fiercer Monsters is still available for the time being, until they sell out of their final copies. Then, the book will be printed no more. I hope these stories find their way to you again in some form, in some way, somehow in a future yet unwritten.