Zany Off Broadway Production

 It is NOT what it sounds like. Yes this is a wacky and hugely fun and entertaining rock n roll musical play written by Dick Zigun the former Mayor of Coney Island, yes the man who created the Mermaid Parade and many other fun activities that happen at Coney Island. AVT has a long history with Coney Island and the Film Festival at the Museum Theater and Freak Show Theater inside Coney Island USA.

The play is called Killin Republicans but it's not a vindictive against Republicans. It is a retelling of our country's politics and how some people can be crazy enough to want to assassinate a president. It also talks about our society and basically pokes fun at everything.

It takes place inside an airplane flying from London to NYC but gets rerouted to Washington DC. There's music, a live rock band, plenty of laughs, AND I AM THE CAPTAIN! So, fasten your seatbelts. I'm quite a ham it turns out.

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