Libraries, Literature, Loss

Paris kept me busy these past few months. Family reasons and personal studies brought me there, but sadness struck with the passing of my beloved aunt Najia (bsmillah). She's deeply missed, especially by my uncle Serge who's heartbroken. I spent her final days with her and Serge at the hospital.

On a brighter note, I participated in a few Anglophone/expat reading events around town. European audiences are fantastic - really engaged and enjoyable. Plus, I managed to sell a few books, which was a nice surprise.

Studied at Richelieu and Mitterand national libraries of France. Also got to see both my brothers... in Paris and in Marrakech!

Overall, a bittersweet experience. Loss is never easy, but finding connection through literature and supportive readers overseas offered a welcome balance.

A few photos below, but more on my insta


Clouds ate the top of the Tour Eiffel with the original Statue of Liberty on the Isle des Cygnes in front.

Sacré Coeur by night.

BnF Mitterand hallway

Research halls at BnF Mitterand

Courtyard of BnF Richelieu

Othmane and I in Marrakech

Cast of Marquis de Sade's skull and actual manuscript of 120 Days of Sodom composed in the Bastille.