Still rollin with music for dark days

I just released something for November. Two single songs. I released them separately because they are not tied thematically. One is a big bandy, jazzy, gritty tune about a junky crime writer living in Vegas. He says "In this town, you're either eating cake or you're eating dirt!" So, he's rolling around in the gutter feeling like he might be in love with the tall city that surrounds him. Or is it just the drugs kicking in:

The other tune is a rendition of one of the poems from Death At Sea, Poems. It is a sea shanty of sorts. A song to sing while hanging sails:

I will release something new in December and more for January. Each of these releases is FREE TO DOWNLOAD until the next songs appear. No strings. No annoying emails. You choose whether to pay or not or include yourself in a mailing list. Your choice.

The December music will all feature church organs. I am not in the least bit Christian, but I do love the sound of church organs with a cathedral reverb. :)

E N J O Y !

Free Music For Dark Days

Here is my October music release. I will release something in November and something in December or January, in celebration of all the DARK DAYS!!

The Opiate, Fall 2019
The latest Opiate is coming out soon! You can order it now on the web here.

My never-before-seen short story "Les Bats" is about two Parisian ghosts who fight in the clubs and in the streets over commas and bad poetry,  hold black magic rituals, defy the Tarot, and scare the living daylights out of the coquettish bourgeoisie, totally nude, drunk on dusty bottles of wine stolen from the most elegant limestone caverns, climbing the walls of buildings like lizards.

100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change, Oakland, CA

Mouth Off,
the brainchild of John Givens from lay/lie and No Lovely Thing
was a tremendous success!!
words by

Tureeda Mikell
Joanna Anabo
Paul Corman Roberts
Maw Shein Win
Youssef Alaoui

over ambient music by
John Givens
Sarah Iyer


In association with the 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change worldwide event taking place on Saturday, September 28th in a town near you, anywhere you live, everywhere on earth.
We staged our equipment in the chapel of the Oakland Peace Center with everything we had; three bands total, Klezmerachi Cabaret, Oddly Even, and lay/lie, plus a lectern for the poets and a projector. Everything fit up on the tiny stage. Then lay/lie deployed their projection screen. It was kinda crowded up there but super loving and cooperative. Our seats were full, our senses were full, and our arms were full, of hugs for one another. We all met new people and forged new alliances. Everyone who attended had a great time. Oddly Even posted video here.

Our event was chronicled by the 100 Thousand Poets for Change website here.