Storytelling Live Premieres TONIGHT

Tonight {7:15PM Pacific Time} is the premiere of the youtube version of STORYTELLING LIVE. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again and, bit by bit, over the next three weeks we will get a new routine going again, unless COVID is no longer a crisis for us by that time, and in that case, STL will be no more then a memory!



Working on building a STORYTELLING LIVE YouTube page

Hey I'm working on creating a brand new YT page. It's kinda available now, but I'm separating it from my personal page, so it will have a few archives and be the future home of live broadcasts. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out why FB thought this series had anything to do with hate or violence.

STORYTELLING LIVE is basically just a dramatic reading of some dusty old Victorian literature. I've chosen these old stories because they're readily available, still culturally relevant, and a blast to read! I'll have an official url soon. Keep your eye on this blog for updates in the near future. :)

OKAY! Got it... New URL is

It's True. I'm in Facebook Jail. :'(

 I have no idea what happened. I logged in yesterday and found messages like this:
I have tried to contact FB but they have not yet responded.
I will be broadcasting from YouTube. We will see how this goes.
Okay now I'm off to surgery...