Poetry Bay Winter 2020-21

 There are some amazing poets in this issue put together by the illustrious George Wallace. He was kind enough to include a piece of mine as well. Feast your 2020 hindsight eyes on ...


Bioptic Review 2020, Paris Magazine

 The wonderful Lucienne Rose has completed her latest anthology of international writers. Her reviews have been consistently innovative and entertaining. During a private reading at the beginning of the international lockdown, I told the story of my dear friend who committed suicide so many years ago, whom I still think of often. His is the story of a painter of the utmost rigor. He was filled with talent and technique. He was celebrated in Paris Match and other favored Parisian arts and culture publications, but still he committed suicide. I miss him dearly. Recalling him is tough. L. Rose dedicated this issue to him. It hurts, but I thank her for it.

There are a few works of mine in this issue. Notably, a poem I penned expressly for her cue to write on "North & South," but of course I did not really hit on the sociopolitical discrepancies between North and South. The poem is more about the compass rose and cardinal directions. On the sociopolitical level, Rose included my story from Nomadic Press' FIERCER MONSTERS; "Elvis, King of Cats," who is arrested and harassed by the police for being brown at the wrong place and wrong time. There is a crowd around him. He is actually helping some cats living behind the Notre Dame Cathedral. Ah, well. Let it all burn.

Here is Alex's wedding picture in 1996. I do not remember his wife's name. She left him about a year later. He died a year or so after that.

Here is L. Rose's introduction to this latest issue, available as a free pdf or in print:

"Chers poets et rêveurs de la revue, dear poets and dreamers of the review, estimados poetas et soñadores de la revista,

Voici la revue de 2020, here is the review for 2020, aquí es la revista de 2020!

& version PDF:

Je vous encourage avec le travail créatif que vous faîtes, I encourage you with the creative work that you do, a ustedes cobro ánimo con el trabajo créativo que ustedes hacen.

Avec beaucoup d'amour et d'amitié, with much love and friendship, con mucho amor y amistad,

Votre éditrice bienveillante, your benevolent editor, su éditora bénevola,
L. Rose"

A Couple Things to Look Forward To on Storytelling Live

The reading series Storytelling Live is rolling along nicely. There are a few things to look forward to this week. First, we have a Christmas Eve Special reading of a Victorian ghost story! Second, this Saturday wraps up the Limited Edition Series which is the public reading of my science fiction novel that has not yet been published and has never before been read aloud in its entirety. You can see the recent installment of the sci fi novel right now, up until Saturday. Click the images below to find the YT Premiere page. Tune in!