Alaoui Poetry and Music Live Stream at Shiahma Studios

Excited to announce a fun event coming up. Heavy Crush Records at Shiahma Studios near Avila Beach, CA has invited me over to take part in a project with SLO Town heavies THE TENS that will be a totally new direction for them, and for me. We will live stream an improv jam with The Tens music and poetry over it, through it, alongside. Still not sure on details, but it's gonna be a whole lot of fun.

The date? JUNETEENTH! Celebrate your Juneteenth outdoors with your loved ones. It is, thankfully, a national holiday. When you're finished, catch our celebration live on The Picture Stable channel here.

Scratching your head about Juneteenth? Read this article.


July 4th is about liberty, but it was an imperfect liberty, because slavery still legally existed in the nation.


We should regularly consider the evolution of the meaning of freedom as we look at certain moments in the nation’s past and present. Someone can deeply appreciate why Juneteenth was important for the Poor People's Campaign. Why Juneteenth is important in relation to the events that happened this past summer with the death of George Floyd. Why Juneteenth is important when we think about enforcing our rights to vote and how we define citizenship in this nation.


Juneteenth should really be a rallying call for all of us to think about the meaning of freedom, particularly regarding African Americans, as well as to the nation and the rest of the world.