LA's webzine The Nervous Breakdown

LA's webzine The Nervous Breakdown has posted my self-conducted interview, which is a pastiche of Q&A between myself and Paul Corman Roberts and the interview that ran in Poder Edomex, conducted by Mar Barrientos with help from Violetta Lara.

Hope you find this interesting!

Integrating Past Projects Into the Website

Hi gang -- I've been digging through early files and thought I would share some of the recordings I have done. I'm still working on acoustic music. I call it "TRANSFIGUREIGHT."

In addition, the wonderfully dark Paper Gods project, which must now change it's name because of the recent Duran Duran (!!) album, is still in operation. We will return to the studio soon with fascinating new tidbits.

Also, I re-worked some PG tunes as TF8, changing the melody (all melodies were created by my teammate John Fair) and adding new instruments. It's all an experiment!! Hope you like it.

So, soon to come, if not by now already, will be two new tabs above: Music and Audio - to share some audiopoems.

FILM: Critics of Mystery Marvel Director's Cut Now Available

NEW! The long version (12 minutes) of Critics of Mystery Marvel is now available! 
This version features more of the Flamenco dancer La Gitane and her son, Shalom. :) We had a lot of fun filming this and I got so many sweet shots that I tried to pack in as much as possible. You'll see. Her dancing is phenomenal. The beginning sequence where I'm walking barefoot through town is also longer. The shorter version is no less great, but it's nice to make this publicly available for family, friends, and you! Cinematography and direction by Dennis Ray Falcon Powell Jr and myself.

Click the image to open the short film "Critics of Mystery Marvel"