Great Weather for Media

Great Weather for Media included my poem "Tonight the Sirens" in their latest anthology entitled "BEACON RADIANT."

This poem is about the ever-present threat of racial profiling, even in places that seem safe. It's about that feeling of being watched, judged, and potentially threatened because of the color of your skin.

Tonight the Sirens

The people of the grocery store
beyond the shopping mall
in their world of wide

flat streets that angle and twist
through every balmy night
want to recognize you

they see you walking
past cashiers, you don’t need them
but they stop you
here, no words to explain

and you look for someone you know
anyone familiar as you run
across another parking lot
tonight, the sirens howl for you


I will be appearing with GWFM at the New York City poetry festival on Governor's Island on July 13. Algonquin Stage. 2:30pm, be there early, theme is beachwear.

Bring your best swim trunks and inflatable duck wings.