The FIRST-- BLACK/ BROWN, WOMAN-LED, 2LEAF PRESS on University of Chicago distribution!


It’s Official! 
2Leaf Press is Now Distributed by 
The University of Chicago Press

2Leaf Press is pleased to announce a new marketing and worldwide distribution partnership with The University of Chicago Press. As of August 1, 2018, all 2Leaf Press backlist and forthcoming titles (print and ebooks) will be available for sale through The University of Chicago Press (UCP). 2Leaf Press is the first U.S. black/brown woman-led publisher to be marketed and distributed by The University of Chicago Press, a major milestone worth mentioning as the press continues to grow and expand. 

UCP will help (extensively) to promote and 2Leaf Press’ books. UCP’s related ancillaries, BiblioVault , the Chicago Digital Distribution Center (CDDC), and Chicago Distribution Center (CDC), will manage the print and production of 2Leaf Press titles using state-of-the-art technology with short-run digital, and POD services, including warehousing and fulfillment. This means that bookstores, libraries and institutions can now purchase our books with ease. It means that reviewers can easily request review copies, and professors, instructors and teachers can request exam copies. Find out more about 2Leaf Press' and UCP's partnership at our website

Since 2Leaf Press is a small press, we thrive at the very thing we're best at: being small and different. Using the human condition as our guidepost, we focus on creating books that challenge the "norm." Lately, we've found ourselves consciously creating fiction and nonfiction books that are built from fragments and vignettes that do much more than combine genres -- personal essays, critical theory, poetry, photography and artwork -- we've kind of let writers put these different forms into the blender and shred them to come up with something that suits their individuality. With the recent announcement of our 2LP UNIVERSITY BOOKS series of humanities and social sciences books written by distinguished professors and authors that are accessible to the general public, 2Leaf Press remains committed to breaking and bending the rules, continuously challenging the “norm.” 

While we are grateful for The University of Chicago Press's support and belief in our titles, we are not sitting on our laurels: now the hard work really begins. 

We are a small press with big ideas. Thanks for your support.

---Gabrielle David, Publisher