Voice of Trees project in Golden Gate Park, SF

Artist Giovanna Iorio has teamed up with poet Michael Rothenberg to create "poetry + landscape" exhibits utilizing geolocation technology that will automatically play a poem for the user when they have the app open and walk into one of the points on the map. Michael Rothenberg asked me to enlist several volunteer poets of the Bay Area to fill out the sound walk of Golden Gate Park. The result is gorgeous!

Here is the list of poets you will hear:

Missy Church

Rohan Da Costa

Mk Chavez

Paul Corman Roberts

Youssef Alaoui

KR Morrison

Tureeda Mikell

Colleen McKee

Maw Shein Win

Michael Warr

Chun Yu

Richard Loranger

Sharon Coleman

Jack Foley

Jennifer Hasegawa

Evan Karp

Michael Rothenberg

Terri Carrion

Giovanna Iorio

Kim Shuck

Alexandra Naughton