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I'm here to report to you that we had a great reading a few weeks ago. Sorry you missed it! It was weird and hustled but people made it out and we had a fabulous time. SO WE'RE GONNA DO IT AGAIN.

Three authors from Flowersong Press and three from Nomadic Press met at the storied and legendary CLIFF HOUSE in San Francisco. I cannot gush enough about the fabulousness of this venue. During COVID lockdown, well, up until lockdown and during it, the Cliff House was a chic and fancy restaurant. But during lockdown, they couldn't figure out how to sell their product to devoted customers as a to-go meal service. Bad news is, Cliff House died during COVID. The good news is that a group of curators and museum organizers banded together and raised $150,000 to buy back as much as they possibly could that had been auctioned off by the previous owners to recover their losses. Several objects of historic importance now populate the halls Cliff House Gallery and THEY DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT!

Chances are, we will be doing this again in LA and SF and WE HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!


Matt Sedillo

Fernando Salinas

Natalie Sierra

Youssef Alaoui

MK Chavez

Keith Donnell Jr

Black Rootedness, 54 Poets from Africa to America

I am proud and honored to announce the availability of BLACK ROOTEDNESS, 54 POETS FROM AFRICA TO AMERICA, edited by Karla Brundage.

West Oakland to West Africa (WO2WA) provides a sustained exchange to connect members of the African Diaspora and Africa through creative writing. Our core values are to create a safe place for the transparent healing and growth of Black people; to deliver innovative and authentic forms of writing and to engage the medium of spoken word to shape and define the narratives of the Diaspora; to allow a visceral and uncensored critique of social systems through artistic expression. Our goal is to facilitate Sankofa, a return to retrieve what has been forgotten or lost. By doing so, we hope to continue to promote Afrocentric approaches to international and cross-cultural relationships that support holistic partnerships between Americans and the world around us. - Karla Brundage

The anthology is a culmination of workshops in Africa and America featuring the poets included, and shares experiences of foreigner/returnee, neo-African, borrower of phrases, and experimenter of styles that shape-and will continue to shape-the vibrant exchange between Africa and the Diaspora. Poetry is an artistic vehicle that allows this to happen with humility and pride; honesty and fear strive for a way to establish a meaningful dialogue after centuries of separation. -Rashidah Ismaili

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Coney Island Film Festival September 16-18 2022

Blinked in July and now it is September.

Things have happened. I will tell you as much as I can, very soon.

First and foremost, if you are in the vicinity of NYC, PLEASE check out the

Coney Island Film Festival

Design by Lisa Marie Pompilio

You will swoon and be very amused. The suds are cheap and the entertainment quotient is high.

Here is the


Audio Visual Terrorism


set to premiere at

September 18, 2022:

The last in the "Spirits of Coney Island" series. And also the first.